Top 10 Alternative Christmas Trees

Today we’re sharing our top 10 alternative Christmas trees on the blog. Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most enjoyable traditions in preparing for the holidays no matter what your age, and a great way to express creativity + personal style. Here are our favourite unconventional holiday trees to get you thinking outside of the box:

  #1 - PVC Pipe Tree  |  Source

#1 - PVC Pipe Tree | Source

For a DIY step by step PVC pipe christmas tree, follow this LINK

  #2 Flower Tree  |  Source

#2 Flower Tree | Source

Who said you had to use actual ornaments? Love the floral concept! 

  #3 Gold Twig Tree  |  Source

#3 Gold Twig Tree | Source

This one is great for small spaces, or in addition to the big tree. Spray paint a small twig tree gold and hang varying size ornaments to achieve this minimal & chic style! 

  #4 Ladder Tree  |  Source

#4 Ladder Tree | Source

Absolutely love this whimsical ladder with hanging ornaments concept. Suspend ornaments by string between the ladder steps - genius.

  #5 Bare Branch Tree  |  Source

#5 Bare Branch Tree | Source

Minimal yet effective - this bare branch tree doesn't need much but its size and textured leaves alone creates a big impact in a room. Top it off with decorative ornaments and you have a stunner in your entry way! 

  #6 Doily / Paper Snowflake Tree  |  Source

#6 Doily / Paper Snowflake Tree | Source

Create a festive look that won't break the bank - pick up some doily's from the dollar store and arrange them in a tree-like shape against your front window. Alternatively cut out your own paper snowflakes to create the same effect.

  #7 Framed Ornament Tree  |  Source

#7 Framed Ornament Tree | Source

Christmas tree ART, literally. Get your hands on the largest picture frame you can find, and pin ornaments of all colours and sizes to it in a tree-like shape. Tip: lightly draw the outline of the tree as a guide. Also makes for a great photo back-drop!

  #8 Evergreen Branches  | Source

#8 Evergreen Branches | Source

A tropical take on a christmas tree if you happen to be spending the holidays somewhere sunny & warm (lucky you). Take some evergreen branches and place them in large vases full of water. Add bold colourful ornaments and you have a lush and festive holiday inspired tree.

  #9 Chandelier Tree  |  Source

#9 Chandelier Tree | Source

Colourful ornaments in addition to the hanging crystals on your chandelier - this will be the new center of attention in any room, guaranteed.

  #10 Rainbow Tree  |  Source

#10 Rainbow Tree | Source

Rainbow ornaments arranged in an *ombre* colour style from top to bottom. This vibrant tree radiates pure happiness!


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