Marble Moments

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Marble is always a good idea in our books. A timeless natural stone that enhances any room it touches. Marble is effortlessly transitional in terms of style - whether your space is traditional, eclectic, modern or contemporary, marble is truly unique in blending itself within its surroundings while still making a beautiful statement.

Marble has been around for centuries, and its texture has become a current staple across all types of design fields - including print design, web design, fashion design, product design, interior design, etc. It's one of those everlasting design "trends", so naturally we've put together a collection to incorporate some of our favourite marble pieces + made available through Studio P's shop!

The collection; Marble Moments includes coffee tables, accent tables, dining tables, and select lamps featuring marble accents - these pieces are predominantly true marble, along with a few faux-marble pieces as noted in their details section as a cost-savings alternative. Our focus is on white and black marble with geometric bases or gold/brass trim - a contemporary update on the ancient stone.

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