Mix & Match

1. Hope Dining Bench
2. Ciara Dining Chair
3. Amethyst Ceiling Light
4. Bluff Dining Table
5. Roca Multi Area Rug

As you know, I’m a huge believer in mixing materials – from fabrics and leathers, wood and glass, raw metals to painted metals – you name it. I’ve never been a fan the whole ‘matchy-matchy’ look, but instead I gravitate towards mixing different materials, colours, and pieces that compliment one another and create a truly unique, cohesive space. This allows you to really express your individual style through your surroundings. I’ve put together a perfect example of this in the image above.

As shown, I’ve mixed several different metals – the base of the Ciara Chairs are a gold painted metal, the base of the Bluff Dining Table is a black finished metal, the base of the Hope Dining Bench is in a chrome finish, and the Amethyst Ceiling Light in a rust metal finish. It’s really a matter of creating a balance of materials and distribution of colour within the space.

I love introducing colour + pattern through key accent pieces like the Roca Multi Area Rug as shown above - a great piece that has recently been added to our Area Rug Collection. The colours are both soft + vibrant in a stunning geo-medallion pattern that really brings it to life. To create some vertical interest on the walls, I went a step further and added a dotted wallpaper behind the Hope dining bench, as well as some subtle colours in the artwork, and a touch of greenery + gold in the wall plants. 

FYI with this type of look you also have the option to do mix & match coloured chairs -
the Ciara Chair comes in a BLACK, CREAM & WHITE as shown below.

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- P.